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Smashing Pumpkins "Siamese Dream"
Smashing Pumpkins "Pisces Iscariot"
Matchbox Twenty "Yourself Or Someone Like You"​​

Jerry Cantrell "Degradation Trip Vol 1 & 2"​​

​Skid Row "United World Rebellion Chapter 1"

 Skid Row "Rise Of The Damnation Army UWR Chapter 2"
Corrosion Of Conformity "Deliverance"​​

Brother Cane "Seeds"​​

​Soul Asylum "Sweet Relief 2"
Collective Soul "John Lennon Tribute"​​

St. James Sirens "Fallen Empires"

Granny 4 Barrel "Deal With The Devil"

Darling Machine "Darling Machine"

Wayland "Rinse And Repeat"

Moses Mo and RCB "Drive In"

Edwin McCain "Misguided Roses"​​

Edwin McCain "Messenger"

Will McCranie "After Midnight Friends"

Angie Lynn Carter "Love You That Way"

The Ladies Of... "Forces"

The Ladies Of... "Trashy Things"

The Ladies Of... "Rope Out Of Sheets"

The Ladies Of... "Dead Reference"

The Ladies Of... "Slinging Beauty"

The Ladies Of... "If You Take Out The Middleman..."

Scotty Cram "Take Me Back"

The Shadows "Doin' The Georgia Slop"

Van Hope "We Have Nothing..."

Kenny Kilgore "Under The Influence of Rock & Roll

​Stone Rider "Three Legs Of Trouble"

​Colt Ford "Chicken & Biscuits"​​

Sixpence None The Richer "Divine Discontent"​​

​Warren Haynes "Tales Of Ordinary Madness"​​

​doubleDrive "1000 Yard Stare"​​

​Grant Lee Buffalo "Jubilee"​​

​Golden Smog "Down By The Old Mainstream"​​

​Meredith Brooks "Sin City (movie end title)"​​

​Queen Of The Damned "Soundtrack"​​

​Heather Nova "South"​​

​Operator "Soul Crusher"​​

​Radford "Radford"​​

​The Superjesus "Sumo"​​

​Hailmary "A Million Miles And Days"​​

​Hailmary "Choice,Path,Consequence,Solution"​​ 

         Hailmary "Navigate The Sunrise"

                                                                                       Parker Avenue " It Isn't Dead"

​Agents Of Good Roots "One By One"​​

​Abra Moore "No Fear"​​

​Angie Aparo "The American"​​

​Gasoline Brothers "Genuine Gasoline Brothers"​​

Gasoline Brothers "Fill 'Er Up"

​Big Engine "Turn It On"​​

​Big Engine "That Girl's A Freak"​​

​Big Engine "Rock & Roll Machine"​​

​Align "Some Breaking News"​​

​Art Alexakis "Permanent Midnight soundtrack"​​

Black Swan Lane "Under My Fallen Sky"

Black Swan Lane "A Moment Of Happiness"​​​

​Black Swan Lane "Things You Know And Love"​​

​Black Swan Lane "Staring Down The Path Of Sound"​​

Black Swan Lane "The Last Time In Your Light"

​C. Gibbs Group "Twenty Nine Over Me"

Jackyl "ROWYCO"​​​

​Jackyl "Relentless"​​

​Jackyl "Best In Show"​​

​Nigel Dupree "Up To No Good"​​

​Player/Kommander "On The Eve Of Absolute Getdown"​​

Telestrion "Blazing In The Sky"

​Telestrion "Telestrion"​​

​Telestrion "Molecule"​​

Qualone "Qualone"

​The Swear "Hotel Rooms And Heart Attacks"​​

​Christy Hemme "Footprints"​​

​El Pus "Hoodlum Rock"​​

​Impotent Sea Snakes "God Save The Queens"​​

​Cool For August "Grand World"​​

​Connor Christian "90 Proof Lullabies"​​

​Diane Durrett "Rhythm Of Life"​​

​Enhancer "Electrochoc"​​

​Erase The Grey "27 Days"​​

​Michelle Malone "Beneath The Devil Moon"​​

​George Lewis "Color Blind"​​

George Lewis "Move Around"​​

Jesse James Dupree "The Bad Guy"

​Jil Station "Still Love"​​

John Kolbeck "Songs For The Pretender"

​John Kolbeck "Replace The Memory"​​

John Krueger "Tweed"

John Krueger "West Coast Turnarounds"

​John Krueger "JK"​​

​John Krueger "Rock & Rhyme"​​

​Erath "Finishing What I Started"​​

​Menthol "Menthol"​​

​Ryan Hamner "Lay Me Down"​​

​Three5Human "A Swig From The Acid Bottle"​​

​Vibrolush "Touch & Go"​​

​John Wayne Bailey Project "Voice For The People"​​

​Jessica Mitchell Band "Night And Day"​​

​Micki Free "American Horse Trio"​​

​Brother Clyde "Brother Clyde"​​

Travisty Theory "Silver Spoon"

Stealing Seasons "EP"

​People Who Must "Lost Wire Transfer"

​People Who Must "The Never Ending Road To Sucess"

​People Who Must "The Road You Travel"


















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